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Review White House Down (2013): Get your hands off my Jordans!

genre: action, thriller

White House Down is a Die Hard clone mixed with the comedy style of Abrahams and Zucker movies only without the good parodies and jokes. Ronald Emmerich tried to make a serious film but forgot to inform most of the cast he was. With the result actors like Jamie Fox and James Woods hamming it up big time. And thank god they did because by doing say they made an awful movie fun and entertaining. Let me be frank here. White House Down is without a doubt one of the worst action-thrillers ever made. Although it is so bad that it becomes good for all the wrong reasons. Do I need to say more? I think the less I say the better it is. Provided and I can't express it strongly enough, whatever you do don't ever take White Down House seriously. The minute you do it will hurt big time. Gerard Butler got the better deal in his Olympus has Fallen and is much less ridiculous than White House Down. And that is saying quite a lot. I leave you with these thoughtful words by President Jamie Foxx:


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