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Review Saints Row the Third (PS3)

genre: sandbox, action, adventure
year: 2011

A game I ignored mostly because I did not know much about the franchise. And the video review I happened to watch at the time it was released wasn't that positive. Then I saw it being offered as a free game in the ps3 plus instant game collection and I decided to see what kind of game it was for myself. I could not understand why some people were raving about it like it was the second coming but yet despite that fact was so underrated.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no point beating around the bush. It blew my mind. It wasn't anything like I expected to be and all the criticism towards it is unwarranted if you ask me. Saints Row the Third is the most fun sandbox game I played.  The game is excellent proof of how to mix up the serious with the absurd. And by doing so surprising you all the time. These surprises is what made me fall in love with the game. It is not often that I can say not knowing how a story will play out and manages to parody  whatever you can think of being parodied. One minute you were laughing your head off then you were stuck in incredibly intense missions that got your heart pumping. The next you are running from zombies wanting to eat you. How this game is not better rated or appreciated more than GTA IV is beyond me. It is by far the superior one and has so much more to offer. Taking over gang territories actually matter as they earn you money. And with money there is all sorts of useful goodies you can buy. RPG elements to upgrade abilities and weapons, customization of your character throughout the game. Not being happy as a man, no worries go to a plastic surgeon and become a woman. Or  vice versa. Thank god for not being forced to stick with a character because you did not have the patience to make one properly. For once when you made a mistake you can correct it. This is also one of the few games where you actually get a sense of progress in the world you play in. The game rewards you for doing optional missions. And there are so many of them. 

What if you don't like sandbox type games and aren't impressed with having options. Well, Saints Row the Third features some of the wackiest characters that refer to current pop culture. Even if you don't recognize the references a lot of the events are funny enough to make the biggest doubter laugh. Plus the game is filled with thrills and crazy action sequences that are so epic and cinematic that it feels like you are playing your most favourite action movie.  
Take it from someone who wasn't particularly fond of  gangster type sandbox games. Saints Row the Third is awesome. It’s a blast from start to finish. I loved it so much that I am planning to play all of the parts in this franchise. Join me and become a Saint. Because The Saints are righteous! (Did he just say righteous? Yes, I did)

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