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Review Riddick (2013): a.k.a. The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking

genre: science fiction, action/adventure

Riddick is a return to the formula that made the original appealing and successful. Where the focus is on tension and suspense rather than spectacle and action. Riddick doing stealthy kills is much more entertaining than him blasting weapons Star Wars style. Don't get me wrong. I do love me some Star Wars like movies. Preferably as much as possible. But the character Riddick is too much of an anti hero and basically to cool (largely because of Vin Diesel) to have him prancing around as a Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. And that is what they let him do in The Chronicles of Riddick. To me it seemed too much out of character. Luckily David Twohy realized this mistake and brought Riddick back to where he belongs. Him slicing and dicing away scaring the living daylights out of any one who is in his way. However this does not mean that all is fine and dandy. For one thing the length of the film felt artificial.  Somewhere in the second act it drags a little. With not much story going on it is nice to have at least some interesting characters who at least in theory can put up a fight against Riddick.  Only the ones that are present aren't really fleshed out enough. Actually it is obvious they are used as canon fodder and you are going to be rooting for Diesel to kill them of quickly.  Still it manages to pick up the pace to conclude into promise and astonishment.  No real dazzling twist or turn to tease you or anything. It just ends. Again it is obvious that they are paving a way for a sequel. But do we really need one? Hell yes! If they manage to keep Riddick as badass as he is then I won't get bored of it.

I found Riddick to be so much more entertaining than some of the last action/adventures like Man of Steel or The Wolverine I have watched recently.  Mostly because it is not pretentious in any way and that Twohy understands what a good sci fi actioner should be about. What else do you need to know. Go watch it already!

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