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Review Laid to Rest (2009): Creative gory deaths!

genre: horror, slasher

Laid to Rest gets a bad rep. And in my opinion not entirely warranted. While it is true it is lacking what a lot of superior slashers do have like build up in tension and suspense or good story. It makes it up with having a killer that is very relentless and creative. If I had to make a comparison he is very similar to the killer in The Collector and The Collection. He doesn't speak,we don't really get to know what motivates him in doing what he does which does make him mysterious. Does it make him scary? No, he can't even compete with the likes of Jason or Michael Myers. And that probably has to do with the inexperience of Robert Hall as a director. He doesn't know how to put menace into his killer. And this could be the reason why some people have a hard time liking Laid to Rest. So what is there to enjoy? Well, the gory kills. I remember seeing the last Final Destination 5 with the reel of all the kills in the entire franchise and laughed my ass off. It is kinda like that. If you can put yourself into that mindset than you will be able to enjoy this. Otherwise stay clear!   

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