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Review Friday the 13th part XI: Jason goes to Hell a.k.a. Jason goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)

genre: horror, slasher

If you compare the later entries in the franchise then you know they have strayed from the path so much that these sequels barely resemble the style or format of the original. In several attempts to do new things the most outrageous plots have been thought up to keep bringing back Jason. In this part it provides the first WTF moment of epic proportions that you simply know it will never recover from that. Two things you can do then. Be outraged, scream your lungs out, cry and find some comfort wherever you can find it. Or you can go with the flow and accept the weirdness and embrace it and have a thoroughly happy time. I embraced it and freakin loved this film. Do I realize it is incredibly bad? Yes, I do. There are so many things wrong with this one it would take me pages and pages to describe those flaws and mistakes. Despite it being this bad it has a lot of good things also. 

First of all, this part never takes itself seriously. The people involved in making this know it is bad and therefore decide to take it to the next level and come up with one crazy event after another. Giving the viewer several WTF moments that undoubtedly will make you gasp for fresh air since you won't be able to breathe during these events. Second, even when there is a lot of goofiness going around the actors in it play it straight faced  making this one an excellent parody of itself. One might even could go as far to say it is brilliant. (I already regret saying this but damned watch Jason goes to Hell and then decide for yourself it is utter stupidity or magnificent brilliance covered in bizarre metaphors so complicated even the makers themselves have not been able to figure out.) Third, next to the comedy (provided you accept it is just that) some killings are over the top gory. While I prefer suspense over gore. I sure can appreciate it in these types of movies and especially in this one. You simply won't believe what Jason is capable off. Then last but not least Steven Williams as Creighton Duke. He elevates his role into something significant and mysterious. Too bad the film makers did not seize the opportunity to do more with him.

Jason goes to Hell falls into the category that it is so bad it becomes good. It's so over the top that I could not help but laugh and enjoy it. Try to let go of the weirdness and you will be able to see that this part is very entertaining. Be aware though that this is far from the Jason of the earlier parts in the sequels and the mythology has been screwed with so it can lead to disappointment for ones who were expecting more of the same. 

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