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Review Trapped (2002): A very disappointing affair!

genre: thriller, drama

Sometimes you come across a title with big names and you wonder why you never heard of it before. In my experience a lot of these relatively unknown titles have a lot to offer. But because of  external factors never have gotten the praise and attention it deserved. Sadly Trapped is not one of them. While it starts pretty strong it ends up as a disappointing affair. Charlize Theron and Kevin Bacon are the reasons it remains a little interesting. As for the rest is predictable suspense and some drama that was not nearly as compelling as undoubtedly it was intended. Throughout Trapped I was hoping for something clever because I simply refused to believe that a production like this would have nothing new to offer. Especially if you looked at the cast involved. Still I was willing to overlook it being predictable if Trapped managed to engage me at least. Which it did not. Do yourself a favour, skip this one entirely.

Ok, maybe this is a little harsh. I just think that in this case there is barely any reason to watch. Films like these need to grab you and then dazzle you with twists, turns or other factors and Trapped completely fails to do this. With the talent involved I expect better.

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