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High Incident (1996-1997): Unbelievably underrated!

genre: crime, action, drama

This is one of those TV Shows that deserved much better treatment since it was top notch. I can tell you this much it was far superior to any of the contemporary police dramas that are on now. If I had to describe this show then I have to say this was like a cross between Hill Street Blues and Southland. Only much better. Because most of the events that occur in the show will get to you. You will like a character in one episode and to severely dislike him or her in the next. They are like you and me with their good and bad moments. But whether you like them or not you will be invested with them since you get to know them well.  

How come people have not heard of High Incident then? Well, this is what you get when idiot network executives play their games. They have no clue what good drama is even if it would be spelled out by God himself. Time and time again I see terrible shows being renewed and terrific shows like this one getting cancelled. It sickens me. If you come across this show on tape or DVD then grab, steal buy whatever it takes because you got yourself a gold mine there.

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