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Review Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011)

genre: action/adventure, comedy, espionage

People can moan and shout all they want. Bruce Campbell has charisma. He doesn't have to do anything and he still is likable on the screen. Aside from the simple storyline. Bruce Campbell shows what makes Same Axe such a great character. With all his flaws he is a person you can rely on. No wonder that Michael Weston trusts him. While there aren't many references to the show Burn Notice itself. It does give the fans where they have been craving for from the start. To have a Sam Axe storyline not involving Mike Weston. I think they should do a whole bunch of these. Even if the show would end. Only with much better story lines. Now it is possible that even having charisma is not enough for people to like Bruce Campbell. Well, if that is the case than I think you will have trouble liking this movie. Since it is build on Bruce. I was skeptic at first. But overall this tv movie is very entertaining. Since it is a tv movie based on a tv show you can't suddenly expect them to be bigger and bolder so keep that in mind. Forget about the original show and it's twists and just soak in a little bit of Bruce. You won't regret it. (Just look at him in the picture underneath.) 

How could anybody resist this charming guy!

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