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Review The Company You Keep (2012): Robert Redford jogs like a woman!

genre: drama, thriller

If there is one film maker who has proved he can handle drama and thrillers then it is Robert Redford. But this time I can't make sense of what he is trying to say. After having seen The Company You Keep it made me wonder if this was some kind of subtle protest against the American government or if he was being patriotic. He does not send a clear message if that actually was his intention. No matter how you look at the matter it makes the outcome very weak in my opinion. More so because there is not much happening dramatic or tension wise. It only stands afloat because of  competent acting and the promise of thrilling events. This promise never gets met and all the viewer is a left with a big what on Earth did I just watch?  I must say it was nice to see so many good actors appear only it barely registered or mattered. Shia wasn't bad but letting him play this charming ladies man when was that ever going to be convincing? And also another question arose. Does Robert Redford realize he looks like a woman when he jogs?

I am sure he must have thought it would impress people to see an old man like him prancing around like that. But he only made it obvious that such a role simply does not become him any more. If you think about it the The Company You Keep would have worked a lot better if the roles of Robert Redford and Shia LaBeouf  had been reversed.  For whatever purpose they could have manipulated the setting and the time if it was this significant to be put in. In my honest opinion there is no point in watching this film whatsoever.  I myself was expecting something similar to Three Days of the Condor at least tension wise. And whatever this is supposed to be it is nothing like that classic. Skip this one! 

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