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Review G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013): Blockbuster mayhem that is entertaining and fun!

genre: action, adventure

The sequel to GI JOE Rise of the Cobra has finally arrived. The trailer was full of promise but considering the first one was pretty much action all the way I wasn't expecting more from this.

And yes if you liked the first, chances are you will like the second one as well. Again it is all about stylish and cool action. Of which you get more than enough to see. Snake Eyes versus Storm Shadow remains one of the high points and is something that remains interesting in the larger plot. The larger plot is as simple as they come and not really surprising which could disappoint a few since the original had some story lines brewing that could have offered some nice twists and turns. That this hasn't happened is not a huge deal in my opinion. Come on, anyone looking for depth in a live action movie based on toys should do more research before hand. Honestly I read some comments on forums where people were expecting tales of Shakespearean calibre. Guys they blew up the Eiffel Tower and used super mech suits in the original. Hardly something you can take that seriously. However this does not mean I am not critical. Because to be frank I was expecting much more from Bruce Willis. Is he even trying these days? He is basically playing the same roles not adding much than his famous smirk and almost tiresome bad assery. The Rock is always adequate and I can't really say anything bad about the guy. Adrienne Palecki holds her own as the pretty but tough girl amongst the guys which is nice. One complaint I might have is that the main villains are underused. It would have been more intriguing and threatening if they remained off screen than the way they appear in this one. GI Joe retaliation is definitely a fun action movie to watch. Even Mrs. P.  who doesn't really like action movies like these and ninjas has warmed up to the genre and the guys in black pyjamas. Now actor Lee Byung-hun who plays as Storm Shadow of course has a huge part in this and who can blame her. Besides it made me happy because I have been trying for a while now to explain to her how cool ninja's are. Now she finally gets it. Hip hip Hooray!

So yeah overall G.I. Joe: Retaliation does what it is supposed to. Offer you blockbuster mayhem that is entertaining and fun.


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