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Review Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013): Main course is too overcooked and the desert leaves an after taste.

genre: comedy, thriller, horror, action

This latest outing of director Wayne Kramer who I know from Running Scared which was excellent BTW has all the ingredients  to make one hell of a delicious movie. Except the main course is too overcooked and the desert leaves an after taste. Sorry for the analogy I am a bit in a cuisine minded mood.

The cast is huge and diverse and all give their best to get the most out of this production. You can feel the energy coming from their enthusiasm. But sadly it is not enough. Because Wayne Kramer makes one pivotal mistake. That is trying to be clever by mixing up story lines and genres. It's obvious Wayne Kramer is trying to make a contemporary Pulp Fiction and would have worked too had he focused on the story lines themselves. I am willing to believe he had this wonderful idea in his head but simply could not execute it the way he wanted. I mean what was he thinking with the whole Elvis Impersonation story line. It takes up way too much time and it was not exactly funny or interesting. The story lines with Paul Walker and Matt Dillon are the most interesting and pretty bizarre. Almost put in for the shock value alone because it seems like it is more a gimmick than that the director is trying to teach us something. I have to admit I don't look to learn anything from a movie but if a film doesn't entertain me enough the least it can do is bring my attention to something that is worth my time. And for me that did not happen. For Mrs. P.  however the experience was slightly different. She liked it for the most part although I suspect it has to do with the fact Norman Reedus was in it. Where was he? Well, yes he was disguised in some gas mask but still she could recognize him. Naughty Mrs. P. !

I think Pawn Shop Chronicles is worth sitting down for. If it passes your tv screen someday on a rainy Sunday then it might not be that bad for me it was a little disappointing especially after the strong start.


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