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Review Fast & Furious 6 (2013): Less fast but damn it's furious!

genre: racing, action, adventure

Sometimes you wonder why people watch movies in the first place. More and more I hear people bitch and moan and are critical for all the wrong reasons. Normally I encourage criticism but in this case I honestly feel the need to smack around to slap some sense back in to them. First of all The Fast and the Furious was never a film with cinematic values so high that it would challenge you or change your mindset. That it did rock some people's world was because of it's awesomeness. I know someone who got into auto tuning because of it. All his well earned money went into his car. Must have driven some parents or wives completely insane.That the Fast and The Furious had impact is a given. But let's get real. It wasn't really an intelligent movie. It was just fun and pure adrenalin. The fourth entry in the franchise for me was a sign that they needed to stop because it was nowhere near fast or furious. The fifth changed my mind and now this latest part rocked my world again.  So how come a lot of people seem to be very critical all of a sudden? Exactly what were they expecting? Fast and Furious 6 is a non stop no nonsense high octane blockbuster action movie that delivers!

This sixth entry is pure fan service. It has a little of everything from all the parts in the franchise. Ok,there is less racing and more brutal and over the top stunts and action. How is that seen as a problem? Isn't that what we expect from a blockbuster? Hell yes! Complaining about plot and character development. Are you kidding? Sorry for getting worked up here. But see I enjoyed this film from beginning till end in such a way that I am actually looking forward to the seventh entry. I was so against any sequel made after the first two but have become a believer. Which is very rare I might add. Are there really no points I am critical about? Sure I have some points. But they aren't huge enough because this film is never pretentious. It knows it is being ridiculous and revels in it. There are many little nods back and forth to the other parts which makes it fun for the fans who have seen every part. It is also one of the few sequels where it is required to have seen previous parts otherwise you will just scratch your head and don't get the jokes (which I assume is a large group of the reviewers who complained about this one). 

Do yourself a favour don't act like a grandpa or grandma and let go of if a certain event is possible or not. It's a movie not reality. Fast and Furious 6 is a movie that is one of the best action movies in a long time so go watch it.

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