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Review Oblivion (2013)

genre:action, science fiction, romance

Some people might scratch their heads at me saying Oblivion belongs to the romance genre. But at it's core it is. While a majority will focus on the thrilling action and effects some will pick up on the subtle romantic gestures. Of course an event in the main plot line has to break this subtlety and make it obvious for the ones having some heavy deja vu feelings. Deja Vu? Oblivion pays tribute and has borrowed a lot from other sci fi movies. For some that will be a blast including me and some will  consider it lazy that is if they ignore the romantic angle. Because it all comes down  to that. To me it is the one factor that elevated what could have been a bland experience. And as for borrowing from other movies. It works in Oblivion. I prefer to see it as tribute rather than stealing as most of the references to other classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris, Star Wars, The Matrix and to other Cruise movies like Top Gun. I am sure there are more to find which I will be on the lookout for with a next viewing. Next viewing? Yes, I believe this is one I will watch from time to time that remains entertaining. Because it is clear that we have a director here that loves the genre as I do also. The visual style from this director also never seems to stop and impress me. The visuals in Tron Legacy still haunt me in a good way. And Oblivion also has it's unique visual flair and style. It makes me look am look forward to his future work. Overall this is a must watch for sci fi fans. It is as deep as you want it to be and still kept simple. But more over it is a grandiose spectacle. And for the ones who dig romance there is a lot to be found here. The real kind not that fake Twilight nonsense. Action aficionados don't worry there is a lot of thrilling action featured in Oblivion. What are you still doing here. Go rent or buy it already!!!   *

* Mrs. P and I watched this together and normally we talk a little during the movie. With this we simply could not because it was too damn exciting. And if Mrs. P. thinks so then you better know this is good.

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