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Review Evil Dead (2013): Proof that you can't beat the classics!

genre: horror

My viewing experience of Evil Dead (2013) in short:
Oh cool, nostalgia, the cabin the woods, creepy atmosphere. So these are the characters. Ok, I get it you guys have a good motivation to be there but come one not even a little fun? Hmmmm that girl is truly troubled. When is something going to happen? Look they found a basement and some incredibly evil looking book. (Guy in glasses) Let read this satanic phrase out loud because it sounds like a marvelous idea to do. Good at least now things start go get rollling.

After 40 minutes
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....oh I dozed off...let me check my messages.....ok back to the movie. Now that is just nasty. Girl didn't your mother tell you not to play with knives.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....what I dozed off again? That is just ridiculous. Ok you know what. I will have to continue this tomorrow. (For the record, I rarely fall asleep during movies maybe when talking to someone very late in the night/early morning but that is about it ,just so you know).

Second attempt.
Where were we? Oh yeah crazy chick playing with knifes. What is she doing now. Ok seems the pace is picking up. Nice, keep it going.

The last fifteen minutes.
Holy F... Yeah baby, now this is what I am talking about. Pure adrenalin right here. Ok. Good ending. 

As you can see in my little description of my viewing experience, I could not watch this in one go. That rarely happens. In the film's defence though, a lot has been going with me personally so I might have been a bit distracted. But still, that doesn't mean I can overlook some things that bugged me. 

My main problems with this remake is that I did not care much for the characters and severe lack of humour. The characters aren't well-developed, and the little you know is told by the characters to give you that little insight that is needed. This also means that you are being spoon-fed how you should feel about a character because the other characters tell you how to feel. Other than that, you don't know anything about them or learn about them since they are as flat as they can be. Sure the brutality and the gore is enough to make you quiver and care for them at one point, but it did not feel like say the connection I had with Ash for example. Ash in the original was a nobody, but through events turned into a badass. Of course, the charisma of Bruce Campbell has something to do with that. So I can't hold that against the new actors. Also, why was this remake so serious? Would it really have hurt to add some jokes. Another critical note I have to make in relation to lack of humour is the fact that it is not compensated by scariness. I remember watching the first Evil Dead (even with some silly effects and scenes, a lot was genuinely scary. Here, all of that has been replaced by gore. Didn't I enjoy it? Of course, I did. Was I impressed? No, not at all. You can say that while I was very willing to be taken by surprise, I could not but help to become very sceptic watching the film like I did. Until the last 15 minutes. They blew me away to say the least. They made me forgive the bad viewing experience I had the first 45 minutes or so. I appreciate it was doing something different in relation to the original. But did it have to take itself so seriously? A lot of goofiness and cheesiness was removed, and here it is an example where exactly that cheesiness made the original Evil Dead the classic we all love (people who don't: shame on you Game of Thrones style!).

Overall I think it is decent, but it is puzzling to see that so many people are raving about this remake as it would give you the perception it is that good. No, folks, it is not. Drag me to Hell (2009) is far superior to this. And certainly not even in the range of the original classic.

I should have known because Mrs. P. texted me this while she was watching World War Z:

Evil Dead remake sucks IMO. But WWZ rocks !
Considering who it is coming from I should take this comment immensely serious. And so should you!


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