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Review Prince of Persia 2008 (XBOX360): Be less demanding and you will have a rewarding experience!

genre: action/adventure, platformer

Long before the reboot was released there was a lot of promise. And apparently for some gamers it did not. I however loved the game. Of course I understand the complaints. Not being able to die takes away the challenge. But which begs the question. Does a game always have to be challenging to be enjoyable? Naturally for a franchise like this it is pretty much a given that the answer has to be yes. Only Ubisoft strayed from this path and tried to make something different. Platforming wise it still feels like a Prince of Persia game. Ok, it did take me getting used to doing less as usual. Needing less to control your character is exactly one of the things that people have mixed opinions about. Normally I would frown upon it as well if not for the fact that somehow it does suit this game. The focus here lies more on the story and visuals of the game. And in that aspect this game succeeds. You get to play one beautiful and magical game that is and feels very epic. The dialogue between the prince and Elika enhances that feeling since through that you get something from the characters. It makes you involved with them. And when you are involved with them you also care what happens to the world they live in. It also helps to view this game as a tribute to the earlier games since on occasion the game will reference to them in funny ways. Farah the Donkey anyone? If one only looks at gameplay then surely the game will disappoint. But if  you look beyond that and be less demanding you will have that rewarding experience.

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