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Review God of War III (PS3)

genre: hack and slash, action/adventure

It took a while for me to pick up this game and play it. But better late than never I always say. So here are my thoughts on it.

God of War 1 and 2 already looked incredibly gorgeous on the Playstation 2 but on the PS3 the visuals easily surpasses that. I only wished that the designers would have allowed me to look around and take in the beauty of the sceneries. The gameplay is spectacular and epic as usual. Especially when Kratos is slaying Gods or Titans. Although I have to say that the inclusion of the Guitar Hero mini game in my opinion was misplaced. I am all for diversity and humour in a game but did it had to be so unforgiving. You just slain a Titan and now you have to press buttons to match the music. We are talking about Kratos here, one of the biggest and baddest of  anti heroes who seems a little more villainous in this third part. Would a guy like that play this mini game? No, he would break that contraption in two and shove it up Zeus a... euh....think of a more brutal solution for this puzzle. Which brings me to the violence and sex. Oh dear, blood, intestines, heads being ripped off. You name it is in there. Is that a bad thing? Well, the God of War games have always been brutal and violent but somehow they managed to increase that. And some sequences are very graphic. For the most part it was not something that bothered me and even very fun to do (evil laughter) but after having been through and being the cause of a lot of death and destruction it did raise my eyebrows a little. The boobies in the mini sex game were utterly distracting. They almost made me fail it. Please Santa Monica Studio, no more nude breasts please. I am trying to play a game here and need to focus. On a serious note though. I understand in relation to the conclusion why they went this path but in their enthusiasm they went a little overboard. One of the most essential things about Kratos was that even while he was brutal and violent he was an honourable warrior. The player could completely sympathize with him. In this third part especially the first half not so much. Of course I am nitpicking here. Because there is not much else to be critical about. Like most people I was worried about the length. 6-7 hours may not seem much. But after having played it I must say it is exactly the right length. Had it been longer it would have lost it's impact. There is only so much awesome hack and slashing one can tolerate. Overall I had immense fun playing this next gen God of War. And can't wait to see how God of War Ascension will turn out!    

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