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Review Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012)

Review Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012)


When I saw early images and the trailer I was actually hoping to be proved wrong.While I liked the movie adaptation as in it was tolerable.To me it failed to capture the spirit of the Silent Hill games.Visually certainly but not the dread and psychological thriller aspects.The creepy imagery of the sequel showed real promise although I could not let go of my scepticism.Seeing how early reviews and ratings were positive I was prepared to believe that this might be the one video game adaptation that would truly deliver.But oh my god.What a mess!Everything that makes the Silent Hill game franchise so good is completely removed.There is zero tension,zero thrills or scares (you will see the jump out moments coming from a mile away even when you are caught off guard ,only the most sensible who have no business looking at horror movies any way might be scared.)The whole concept of Silent Hill,what it stands for is completely thrown overboard.Not one time does the film hint at the fact that Silent Hill might not be a real place but a metaphor or manifestation for deeper psychological issues different for each character that suddenly happen to find themselves in this place.In stead it is assumed that Silent Hill is Hell and that everything is real.But to be fair this concept might be difficult to translate and is something I could have overlooked if this sequel at least would have been just as creepy of any of the games in the franchise.In the game you are confronted with scenes and monsters that slowly come at you.Also the thrills are relied on the build up of dread,honest menacing dread.The fog,the emptiness,the disturbing images to be found on walls and images all are a premise for more eeriness and danger.In the movie you are presented with familiar visuals without any of that.Very nice and all to recognize the scenes from Silent Hill 3 but what use is it if you don't put in the disturbing elements (like for example the slow dread,eeriness,creepy sounds and darkness) that were in that game.Take a look in the video below to get an impression of how Silent Hill 3 really is.

Silent Hill:Revelation 3D has a narrative that even is perplexing to the ones familiar with the concept even if they get over the shock of how dreadful this is.It goes from bad to worse.It became so unbearable that I started skipping scenes.Which is something I very rarely do.Now some of you who aren't handicapped by knowledge of the franchise might be able to enjoy it somewhat considering the subject of Silent Hill and their monsters must appear a little freaky.Still is it so much to ask to work on genuine scares by building up suspense in stead of relying on scare tactics that are hardly frightening.A little blood and gore in this case would have added to the experience but of course that also is very minimal.AVOID this one!

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