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Review Drive Thru (2007): Give it a chance as I think it deserves more appreciation!

genre:slasher, horror

Sometimes I come across a horror movie that is rated so badly that I ask myself why that is. Especially when you find it is quite the opposite. So Drive Thru is far from a masterpiece or has that something original to make it stand out. But it does have all the ingredients that make a more than decent slasher. First off, how can you go wrong with a killer clown who may or may not be supernatural. Just look at the guy in the poster. Then you have some brutal and gory kills. Ok maybe a little too much cgi, but still pretty effective. Add to that a decent background story with some twists and turns and last but not least a creepy Eighties B Horror movie style atmosphere. Which is awesome. Of course you must not take this movie seriously. Even when the actors themselves do. That is part of the fun. I mean people are getting offed by a killer named Horny the Clown? Hardly Shakespeare is it. Plus there are quite a few comedic scenes where the director makes it clear he isn't taking the film seriously either. And that is exactly the attitude you should be having when watching Drive Thru. I had a fun and thrilling viewing experience. More so than some of the so called A horror films offered in recent times. Give it a chance as I think it deserves more appreciation!

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