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Review The Collection (2012): It delivers on gore which in this case is very entertaining!

genre: horror

The Collector was hardly subtle yet it mostly depended on tension and suspense. It felt like a spin off from the Saw series but was able to create their own monster and mythology even though it was very much lacking in depth. I had hope that The Collection would give the viewer exactly that. However, as it turns out this director chose to take another route. That of the bigger and bolder kind bordering to over the top ridiculousness. More blood, more gore and less suspense. Luckily there were a still few tense scenes present when our main character Arkin (Josh Stewart) was concerned. Story wise The Collection is a mess. Don't expect any logic. Especially when it comes to the motivations of some of the characters. We only get to know the absolute minimum. Back stories were completely useless and in hindsight could have been left out. And much worse we still don't learn anything new about our collector. That being said I totally loved it. Say what? Yes, I will say it again I loved it! Don't get me wrong it wasn't as good as the first one but still I can't deny that The Collection delivers highly on entertainment. Provided you are able to shut off your brain for an hour and half and are not easily offended by gore.

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