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Review Cheerleader Camp (1988): Super super bad but freaking hilarious!

a.k.a. Bloody Pom Poms 

genre: slasher, horror

Cheerleader Camp a.k.a. Bloody Pom Poms, you read it Bloody Pom Poms! How can you go wrong with this title. As it turns out incredibly wrong. Not only does Cheerleader Camp fails as a cheesy Eighties horror film it also fails as a parody on those cheesy Eighties horror movies. But strangely it is freakin hilarious nonetheless. How does that compute? Well,the actors really do their best in being serious and straight faced and all. Only their delivery is atrocious at best. They are not helped by the fact that the so called suspenseful and twisty story lines are predictable from the start. Because the way the main actors act simply give it away. That and the fact that the director fails to grasp how to implement red herrings. What more does Cheerleader camp has to offer?Cheerleaders off course. Enough beautiful ones to gaze at although for the most part it is kept clean and not sleazy at all. Mr.Director you really failed here. A title like this is begging for full out sleaziness. With not much going in character development, storytelling, suspense wise or even jokes with a little sexual innuendo would have done wonders. I mean let's be real here.That is what the majority of the viewers were hoping for. Anyway,there are some gruesome deaths where at the moment only one comes to mind that sticks out. No pun intended (you will get the joke when you see this particular scene)! Can I recommend this title?Hmmmm, hmmmmm, still thinking, hmmmmmm........NO, I can't.There are a lot of Eighties horror films out there that were superior to this in any way but did not even get half of the appreciation this one got. So no I have to be strict in this case. If you happen to catch this title somewhere by accident then you might be able to enjoy it. The randomness and the silliness is infectious but again as a horror it fails miserably.  

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