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Review Skyfall (2012): The making of the Bond we know and love!

genre: action, adventure, spionage, james bond

BOND IS BACK. Yes, he is. And how. Craig is more suave (honestly, you Craig haters, how can you not see that he is a very good Bond). 

So while I enjoyed Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, I could never shake the nostalgia for the older films in the franchise. And I think Sam Mendes had the same feeling. It is hard to explain this without spoiling, but in Skyfall it is the first time I was able to enjoy the film without looking back. One thing though, and this might be a little disappointing for some. While there are good action scenes, they are never of those epic and ridiculous nature that always made the Bond movies stand out. But they are exciting and intense nevertheless because there is a personal component involved through Bond. And he really is more like he was in the olden days. You see the character growing. Which is very rare. For people getting worried. Don't. Skyfall is filled with references and plenty of Bond moments to satisfy the fans. The plot in itself is not that special and is completely in service of the journey Bond has to go through. But like I said, it is involving and exciting. 

And at the end of that journey you will smile and look forward to Bond's next adventure. I agree with the majority, which also is quite rare. Skyfall, is the best James Bond in the reboot series. Go watch it! 

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