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Review The Three Stoges (2012): One of the better comedies released this year!

genre: comedy

For me The Three Stooges is not a nostalgia thing that some people might have. However I am familiar with them enough to know what their appeal was since I got introduced to them seeing on a German children's program. Their slapstick style of comedy (physical) is very universal but not really sophisticated of course. Although they way The Stooges did it was quite brilliant. But it is something you like or not. If that is not the case then it is very likely that you won't enjoy the movie remake either. The actors very much act and look like the original ones and most of the comedy is slapstick based. Sometimes very juvenile. I must admit some jokes weren't nearly as effective as they could have been but get compensated by the jokes that do and the little drama element woven into the story. Despite major craziness the movie overall does contain some nice surprises story wise that made it far more entertaining than I hoped for. There will be small moments especially in the beginning where you want to quit watching because some slapstick moments get tiring. Thankfully after the first half hour these moments become much more varied and interesting so that I forgotten about the tedious ones. I must say that I wasn't expecting to have so much fun viewing The Three Stooges because at the time I wasn't really in the mood for it. But I did. And most of it is because the sincere tribute to the original Three Stooges and the direction of the Farrely Brothers (who aren't afraid to make fun of themselves in the last scene of the film). One of the better comedies from 2012.  

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