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Review Here Comes The Boom (2012): Rocky Kevin James style!

genre: comedy, sports, action, martial arts

No reason to beat around the bush. Here Comes The Boom is a fantastic feel good movie. Of course it is predictable and cliché but to be fair there is a freshness to it since Kevin James is playing his character more serious than he normally does. The supporting characters Henry Winkler and Bas Rutten definitely help to make the film more interesting. Now I do have to admit that the comedy elements weren't that strong. Since most of the events are played out in a serious fashion. And with the message that teachers should be inspiring it is very understandable that they went that route. That doesn't mean that there aren't any slapstick moments. There are and feel a little out of place but overall it did not detract from the feel good experience. Kevin James is not an actor who you would expect to do a role like this. But believe it or not he pulls it off.   The fight scenes are very much enjoyable and you will be getting flashbacks of that movie with that guy yelling, Yo Adrian. was that movie called again? Richy, Ricky, ah that's it ROCKY. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Here Comes The Boom is like Rocky Kevin James style. Very much worth your time!  


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