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Review Taken 2: A parody of the original!

genre:action, thriller

When it comes to sequels I am perfectly happy if it is the same of more. Taken was thrilling, action packed fun. Naturally I was hoping the sequel would offer this also. Sadly the film makers were aware of the so called curse of sequels and try to do things a little different. Resulting in Taken 2 being a parody of the original. No matter how serious Liam Neeson or the others acts almost every event feels like a spoof. Most of the action is still solid but the thrills have gone and the drama that made the original suspenseful in the first place is barely there. Not to mention the lack of creativity in plot. I mean really, the whole premise is laughable at best and only can be stomached because of the serious acting. (Still it is hard to shake that feeling you get when watching a bad parody.) The super careful and always vigilant Bryan Mills on the most crucial time suddenly isn’t and let his guard down a couple of times and also seems to care less about his and family’s safety. At times it looked like Neeson realized how awful and ridiculous the plot was and forgot to mask it. Like he was saying to himself: Listen very carefully, this film is bad, but not that bad that I should deny myself the money so pull yourself together and act. Or something similar.  Is Taken 2 that bad? Well, for the most part the action is pretty enjoyable. But it pales in comparison to the original.

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