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Review Premier Rush (2012)

genre: action, thriller

Underwhelming is the magic word here. Some how I was expecting more and I simply did not get it. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Michael Shannon do their best to make it more interesting but in the end are let down by the plot and direction. I am all for the plot being in service for the action. But come on this was just nonsense. Supposedly we have to feel sympathy for a character we barely know or get to know because a child is involved. This drama simply does not fit in with the overall light tone of the film. While the stunts for the most part were realistic it could not escape that the movie did not take itself so seriously (which normally is a good thing). Only in this case it undermined the serious parts which at one point was something to laugh about since it gave it all that surreal parody feeling. I doubt they were going for that. The action itself to me was not particularly impressive apart from a few stunts.The precognition element where Levitt was looking at his options of which path to follow was a nice touch but no explanation given how Levitt got to have this super ability. Yeah, yeah I am being a little harsh here. Sorry I simply could not enjoy it. I could not feel this rush. Maybe people who are into the whole bike messenger thing will enjoy it. Not sure about cyclists. It doesn't compare to a gem like Breaking Away (1979). I remember Quicksilver (1986 ) and at the time I watched it I found that to be more exciting. But it's one I have to watch again to make sure it still is. Premier Rush is yet another film starring Joseph Gordon Levitt that is hyped up beyond belief.  

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