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Review Grabbers (2012): Charming little horror comedy!

genre: horror, comedy

Grabbers is a charming little horror comedy that depends on quirky but likeable characters that get exposed to certain events. 

What these are, is part of the fun, and revealing them would spoil it a little. (This is one of those films the less you know, the better the experience). On the whole it is not terrifying but manages to surprise the viewer with some gory elements and nice action sequences. The effects are very well done and the scenery (Northern Island) well-chosen since it adds to the ambiance. Most focus is on the characters, which was great, but even then you don't get to know them in real depth. There were scenes where it looked it was addressing some serious topics only to find out it was misdirection. Nothing wrong with that. But I could not help feeling that it distracted too much from seeing more of the grabbers in action. Which may be understandable because of budget constraints. 

Overall, this is a very pleasant horror comedy.

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