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Review Game of Werewolves a.k.a. Lobos de Arga a.k.a. Attack of the Werewolves (2011)

genre: horror, comedy

Now this is a horror comedy you should definitely sink your teeth into. No pun intended. 

Lobos de Arga is an example where horror and comedy are nicely balanced and is filled with surprises and twists. It also doesn't shy away from showing blood and gore. The werewolves portrayed don't mess about. There is a genuine threat coming from the werewolves which is good since visually they might not be the most convincing or scary. Through their fierceness and actions however it becomes clear these are proper monsters (In your face Twilight!). 

Lobos de Arga is a fast paced film but has a good build up where it sets up the mood and ambiance first before the craziness takes the upper hand. How crazy? Well, so much is happening, I would not know where to begin. Take my word for it you will root for the characters and at the same time laugh at them because of some of the events they have to go through. The main characters are extremely likable including the Jack Russel named Vito.  

What are you waiting for go see this at once. A must watch!

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