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Review Hellgate a.k.a. Shadows (2011)

genre: science fiction,s upernatural,drama

The title is a little misleading since it would give the impression we have to do with a horror movie. And that is not the case. The original title Shadows makes much more sense. Shadows is more a science fiction with supernatural elements. Knowing this beforehand will save you some disappointment. Since overall Shadows is not scary. It does deal with ghosts and does have some creepy elements. But these are far from frightening. The acting by Cary Elwes and William Hurt is sufficient but it is obvious that Hurt is not giving his best. It’s nice to see a USA/Thailand co production like this. I hope we will see more of this if only they would think of better plots that make much more use of the locale and the mysticism. This film is hard to recommend. It’s decent film. But that is all there is. There is nothing that really stands out that would make it worth your time. One to watch on a rainy Sunday.

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