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Review Slaughter High (1986)

genre: slasher, horror, comedy

This is one of those Eighties slasher titles that is criminally underrated. Since this one is filled with some clever tricks and creativity. Especially when it comes to the murder scenes. At the same time it even deals with topical issues like bullying. With some of the gory deaths you would not expect a film like this have build up in suspense and atmosphere. But that is exactly what you are getting. When you see the killer disguised there is always doubt if this killer really is Marty. The killer seems to be exceptional strong and capable of doing things that seem impossible. This doubt only adds to the tension. Which also can be seen as a hint to something revealed later on. The acting from the cast is pretty decent (no Shakespeare by any means but compared to similar slasher films like The Majorettes it is decent trust me on that) although it is obvious these actors are a little old to play teenagers. Of course this film has it flaws. Some actions of the characters make little to no sense. One of the female characters just witnessed a horrible and very gory death and what does she do? She goes to the ladies room and takes a bath. Ok, I am willing to believe that she is in shock and all but that is just not believable. Well, Slaughter High has has a few scenes that require you to suspend disbelief. But if you manage to do so you will be rewarded highly. Certainly a title that I can recommend.

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