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Review The Incubus (1981)

genre: horror, slasher

To say that The Incubus is underrated is quite the understatement. From start till finish (even with a somewhat flawed script) it keeps you interested. There is a very good build up in suspense and it is gory when needed. Not everything is what it seems and there are a few red herrings thrown it to keep the viewer guessing. Now there are some sexual themes touched perhaps to deepen the intrigue which do work to a degree but overall distract the viewer a little. It looked like they realized this in the latter part of the film where events have been opened up and defined more and sort of let go these sexual themes. Not that it becomes clearer. Because some of the raised questions are left unanswered. Which surprisingly works in favour of the ending. The acting is pretty darn good and it is nice to see these fine actors take the main plot seriously. John Cassavettes brings in that extra sophistication and is able to be interesting because of the underlying sexual themes I was talking about earlier and a little sub plot that could be seen as an explanation to his behaviour. But also could be a red herring as well. For the build up of tension and suspense it is extremely effective but I can understand that it could lead to some disappointment for viewers who wanted to see his story explained. Maybe the minimalistic approach of the plot is not for everyone. And normally I don't like that either. But in this case I did. For ones who still aren't convinced I think it is best to view this as a slasher with Gothic elements. Definitely worth your time.  

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