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Review Sorority House Massacre (1986): For a Halloween rip off not that bad!

genre: slasher, horror

This film starts out pretty interesting. Through some sequences which may be dreams or flashbacks we get introduced to our main character who is either clairvoyant or remembering a past experience. And this angle showed a lot of promise. But then never makes good on and completely fails. Because it tries to be clever for it's own good. Too much emphasis on the so called mystery which is kinda obvious and easy to solve. It was almost infuriating to see the mystery aspect going on for so long since it was distracting from real tension and creative killings. Plus it did not help that most of the characters acted like idiots. I will give you an example. Killer is banging on the door then suddenly stops. "I don't hear him any more, he must have left...". Guess what, he is still there! And yes, the story is too much a rip off from Halloween. Except this killer is nearly not as menacing as Michael Myers. Would it have hurt to at least add something original to the killer's back story. Overall this slasher is not that bad, in fact it made me curious to watch the sequels. But you do have to realize that this is an average title at best. 

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