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Review The Devil's Double (2011): Dominic Cooper makes this worth your while!

genre: drama, thriller

The Devil's Double tells the story about Latif Yahia who supposedly had been a double for Uday Sadamm Hussein, Sadamm's son. I say supposedly because there seems to be doubt whether Latif Yahia is telling the truth. Since Latif's accounts of his life are so far fetched and incredible hard to verify. Here a paragraph of an article concerning the film The tangled tale behind The Devil's Double.

His tales of life as Uday's body double seemed, to put it mildly, far-fetched. But those were only the beginning. Since fleeing Iraq, he claimed to have taken an Austrian policeman hostage at gunpoint, punched a judge, doused a refugee camp in petrol, enjoyed a love affair with a Saudi Arabian princess (who was later beheaded), become a North Sea ship's captain and masterminded a diamond smuggling business out of Amsterdam. Each of these claims was as sensational as it was unverifiable.

Well, I went into watching The Devil's Double without this knowledge and found myself compelled by the events displayed in the film. So far fetched and horrible that really would have you believe Uday was The Devil. Now I am willing to believe there is some truth to these events although to what extent is hard to make out since the story is told from Latif' s perspective and he may be making all of this up. However true or false The Devil's Double is a good film that isn't for the faint of heart since there are some very violent and explicit scenes that can be considered shocking. The true gem is Dominic Cooper. He is playing a double role and he does it so well that you actually believe he is both Latif and Uday. I have seen Dominic in Captain America: The First Avenger and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (2012) and the man never seizes to amaze. But his role in The Devil's Double is even more exceptional and should have earned him the highest awards. Now I must be honest and there were some parts in the film that I skipped through. Like the interactions between Sarrab (Ludivine Sagnier) and  Latif. It was so cliché and predictable and was too distracting from the main events. Still this is a film I can truly recommend.

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