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Review The Amazing Spiderman (2012)

genre:action, adventure, comic book, science fiction,

When it comes to reboots and remakes it is impossible not to compare to the original. Especially when the originals in my opinion were excellent. But I tried to keep an open mind and must say that for the most part I did enjoy this reboot. I liked that they finally portrayed Peter Parker as the smart teen he is. A good example of that is those web clips he develops. In the comic books Spidey could not swing non stop. He always had to replace the web cartridges. Also in a lot of heated moments she seem to run out when he needed them most. Often forcing him to find more creative ways to defeat his opponents. In Sam Raimi's version they made the web shooting part of his abilities. I read somewhere that Sam Raimi thought a teenager would not be advanced or smart enough. On the one hand I can understand this notion although one of the reasons I thought Spiderman was so hugely effective because he really is that clever and intelligent. 

(In the Marvel Treasury Edition #28:Superman and Spider-Man (crossover), one of the early comics I read Spiderman had to resort to his wits in stead of strength in order to shut down this super reactor while Superman was trying to contain the reactor from the inside. If it weren't for Spiderman, Superman would not have succeeded.) 

So it was really nice to see that they put this very important part of Peter Parker's character in the film. I am not so sure about the way the Spidey sense was treated. Sure you heard it tingling. But often it was hard to tell if his sense actually preventing him from getting a harder beating. It was far too subtle in how it was used and didn't come across as it was one of his best abilities.Which brings me to the action scenes including the swinging. There were some cool visuals like the short first person views. But as for the rest I wasn't really that impressed with the action. No matter how realistic or improved the CGI it can't measure up to Sam Raimi's creativity on style and action which is one of the first differences that is obvious. Then the pacing of the film and the plot. Well,sorry to say but that was all over the place. There are sequences that pushed the envelope and were thrilling which made me crave for more. But the minute I did the scene ended. And it almost took forever to get from one action scene to another. The plot was incredibly simplistic even when there were some scenes thrown in to throw you off guard. Like the scene where Dr. Connors is arguing with what seems like himself (Although there is a scene in the ending credits that sheds another light on the matter). Assuming you haven't seen this scene it is easy to spot how similar it was to scenes of Norman Osborn arguing with the Green Goblin. At least that was done in the spirit of the Green Goblin's character and arcs.With Connors it did not make much sense. That being said there were scenes that made you feel good similar to the Metro scene in Spiderman 2. Although it never tops that scene. And if I am honest that is the whole feel I got from The Amazing Spiderman.On a few occasions it comes close to the experience I got from the older Spiderman movies but never tops it. wasn't one moment that wowed me. I felt that Martin Sheen and Sally Fields were wasted in their roles and could have offered so much more. Emma Stone was delightful and could not but help think if she would not have been better as Mary Jane. (Then again I was never a fan of Kirsten Dunst as her. It was obvious she did not know enough about her character or put in the research to make a good one). Both Sam Raimi and Marc Webb took out the comics what they thought was right and both adjusted existing story lines to make it work for them. In their own ways they managed to capture the essence of the Spiderman character from the comics. Although I do think that Sam Raimi did it much better overall. The most ideal version would be combining the two. I realize that the powers that be aren't aiming for the most true to comics but more to what sells the most tickets. Even then one would think that the most thrilling comic stories would also sell the best. Ok. Never mind this naive thought of mine. So yes, The Amazing Spiderman is worth a viewing. Only Sam Raimi's versions remain far superior.  

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