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Review The Majorettes (1986): It has a lot going for itself!

genre: slasher, horror, action

Don't get fooled. For once the title doesn't refer to the sleaziness and sex just for the sake of it. There is a deeper thought and psychology behind it. It may not be fully developed but the effort alone makes it worth to watch this.

The Majorettes is not a bad entry in the slasher genre. It has a lot going for itself and tries to be serious about it. Maybe a little too serious since it ends up quite dark. There is no comic relief at all which surprised me a little since it made you aware even more how bad the actors were apart from a few exceptions. You have this county detective saying serious stuff and all I could focus on is how bad his delivery was. Not that it was annoyingly bad but it did make me wonder what it could have been like if they had better actors. Now the other thing I noticed was that it seemed like the director had two genre ideas prior to filming and could not decide which one to stick to resulting in a film with a slasher plot and an action sub plot. To be fair the action scenes were nicely choreographed but you can imagine that it felt a little out of place. Especially since the slasher plot of course was far more interesting. ending is also quite effective and leaves you chilled for a few minutes which has to do with the dark side of a certain person. So overall this is one to check out but keep in mind that some of the acting is poor and that some events don't really match that well even though the ending makes it all good.  

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