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Review Bloody Moon (1981): Unremarkable hybrid of slasher and giallo that will bore you to death.

genre: slasher, horror, giallo

Bloody Moon is a rare combination of American style slasher and giallo a la Jess Franco. The director most famous for his exploitation films. As far as I can recall the only other film I have seen from him is Venus in Furs. It could very well be that I have seen more titles from him without realizing. He seems to have made quite a few.  But one thing I know for sure he is without doubt one of the worst directors I have come across that surprisingly is still very active in the industry. And that can be explained because he has made some films that are in a league of their own. Mostly because he mixes up the genres in a way that is rarely done. What does that mean for Bloody Moon? A slow pace and severe lack of tension and thrills that make it a real task to stay interested. The excessive gory deaths and some clever twists and turns oddly aren't enough to make you overlook that. It doesn't help also that the characters aren't really interesting apart from two key players looking very similar to James Caan and Brad Dourif in their younger years. Now there is one scene that was unexpectedly thrilling involving a little boy. You will find yourself rooting for this boy. It's a mystery in itself that this boy suddenly was so curious that he decided to investigate in the first place. But it shows that Jess Franco is able to create tense scenes. Too bad it is the only one in the whole film that is filled with real tension. With some tighter plotting and direction Bloody Moon could have become a real classic. Now it is an unremarkable hybrid of slasher and giallo that will bore you to death.

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