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Review Ice Age:Continental Drift (2012)

genre: animation

The fourth entry in the series suffers from fatigue like most sequels do. It's more or less the same but yet is lacking in so many ways. Even the Scrat subplot was merely average and those Scrat sequences used to be the funniest scenes in Ice Age. Not that I did not laugh or was able to enjoy myself. But the jokes were less clever and more of the slapstick variation. The animation is beautiful as expected. And we see some new characters added to the original cast. Wanda Sykes as grandma slot easily provides the most laughs taking away the spotlight from Sid. I didn't really care for the pirates. And that is saying something because I do like pirates. Pirates and Ninja's are awesome. Yes, they are. Don't deny it. Thing is they come out of nowhere and it makes no sense at all how these group of animals would sail the seas to steal loot when there are hardly ships or vessels to steal from. I know I know, I should not take it seriously, it's a cartoon. Still, it wasn't really funny except for the enslaved  hamster like creatures. Too bad they were underused. I would have liked to see them raging battles against the pirates. Overall the freshness was gone and the whole viewing experience felt underwhelming. Not bad but not that good either.

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