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Review Moving Day (2012): Charlie Murphy steals the show. Move over Eddie!

genre: comedy, drama

Moving Day pleasantly surprised me not being the over the top slapstick comedy that was hinted at in the trailer. Ok, I admit I was waiting it to be but instead got a much better viewing experience. In essence Moving Day is an underdog story. Clyde portrayed by Will Sasso (most famous for parodying a multitude of characters including James Gandolfini's Tony Soprano) is not really an ambitious man but he is not happy where he is at either and does have some aspirations. Even if it is relatively small. Through encouragement by his colleague and probably best friend Cedrick portrayed by Charlie Murphy, Clyde realizes he has to take some steps to advance. These might not be huge events we are talking about. But it was so recognizable and endearing that you wanted to root for the guy. Will Sasso is convincing in his role but the real surprise was Charlie Murphy. He was phenomenal. I have seen him in some interviews and the man knows how to tell a story. When he shares his wisdom you actually want to hear what he has to say. Maybe it is not always profound or anything but to be able to make people listen to you that is a rare talent. Add to that Victor Garber as Wilf (yeah,who calls himself that) the boss with all his flaws that needs to get though on his employees but doesn't want to because he actually cares for them. Nice touch to finally have a boss in a film that isn't a total douche bag. In some interview I read that this film was a story about the unsung heroes in the moving business. And to a degree Moving Day does show that these men do deserve some respect for the jobs they do for these lousy wages. Subtle comedy that certainly deserves more praise than it is getting.  


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