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Review Waxwork (1988)

genre:horror, comedy

Waxwork is an example what you can do when you are creative enough in using older themes and subjects. Vampire and werewolves stories might get a little boring when nothing fresh is added.And this is exactly what Waxwork does. It creates a nice environment in which the older creatures of the night come to live and be their dangerous selves. But how this is done exactly you will have to see for yourself. All I will say about it is that each of the characters feel an attraction to specific displays in the wax museum since it is something that appeals to them. For some it seems to be a fantasy they dreamt about or even a hidden desire from within or they think it is something they need. Is is seduction or coercion?Whatever it is, it's cleverly constructed. Most of the events are (more or less) serious in tone however some of the actors play it less so giving some comic relief. There is a good build up in tension and atmosphere and then there are scenes that are very over the top by being incredibly gory and bloody. I thought the balance between these elements were quite good and effective. Waxwork is a a very creative horror film filled with surprises. No,it's not that scary and yes it's very cheesy but in a good way.You will have a blast with this one.

If you like this one then I certainly can recommend the sequel: 

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