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Review Blind a.k.a. Beullaindeu (2011): Does what is supposed to do. Definitely one I can recommend.

genre: thriller

A thriller isn't always about twist and turns or originality. Sometimes a thriller can be just as effective even when it is predictable. Blind gives us a main character called Min Soo-ah we feel connected to from the start. Sure the drama in her life so early on can be considered a little too much. The fact that she managed to move on while having become visually impaired is something that should be admired. (I know some people who use their handicap as an excuse for everything. Then there are some who refuse to and keep going and trying to fulfill the dreams they have. And those people are inspiring). Yes, she does suffer from guilt.Given the situation that is very understandable and makes her even more likable. Of course it takes some suspension of disbelief when it comes to a blind person as a reliable witness. But the way they explained some things weren't that far fetching. At one point the killer finds out about it and it's obvious our main character and another witness are in danger. Which brings us to The killer. He is pure evil. I personally do like my villains to be unpredictable and be diverse. If it weren't for the fact that in this case it is so very effective to have a killer who is ruthless and without conscience. In one scene especially you will cry out and become angry. This emotional connection is what I want in a film especially the dark ones. Caring for the persons on screen is something that in a lot of contemporary movies is overlooked. It is the element that keeps you glued to your seat. So who cares if it is clich├ęd or not? I liked it how in some scenes the viewer is shown how our main character perceives things. Through some neat visual effects it becomes clear to the viewer. Overall Blind does what is supposed to do. Definitely one I can recommend.

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