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Review Johnny Handsome (1989)

genre:crime, drama, thriller

Johnny Handsome is title that was familiar to me but one I never bothered to check out. And seeing all these big names attached to this film I wonder why. Mickey Rourke, Walter Hill, Morgan Freeman, Forest Whitaker and Ellen Barking are not names that can be skipped over so lightly. So I finally watched it and must say that it was better than I expected. However I could not escape the feeling that inside this movie was a hidden gem that failed to get out. There is a lot going on with Mickey Rourke's character. He is calm but you know there is a lot brooding inside. It would have been fascinating to see the deeper side explored. Sadly what it comes down to is predictable the moment Lt.Drones (Morgan Freeman) and Dr.Fisher (Forest Whitaker) start discussing about Johnny's future. The film on one hand gives you a taste of this complex character only to let you down with standard events in the crime genre. Making the complexity that was set up obsolete. The action and heist elements are decent. The only reason this movie is worth your time is because of the actors. Rourke is brilliant as always. Ellen Barkin and Lance Henriksen as the baddies are a delight to see. Especially Ellen Barkin. She is truly evil in this one. Johnny Handsome could have become a classic but somewhere along the line they failed to make that happen.

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