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Review The Prey a.k.a. La Proie (2011)

genre: thriller, action, crime

Another excellent French action thriller in the same vein as A bout portant (Point Blanc) or Sleepless Night. Only a bit more flawed and uneven. 

It takes a little while for the tension to kick in and when it does it stays consistent for the most part. But there are events where our main character convict Franck Adrien (Albert Dupontel) comes across as a super hero. Jumping from buildings, bridges and out of windows without getting hurt at all seems a little far fetched especially considering he is middle aged. It is something that has to be overlooked. The man's drive to save his daughter from the evil clutches of one truly sick individual is the sole reason this film stays interesting. Dupontel is very convincing as the highly motivated father and you can't but help to root for the guy throughout. Alice Taglioni as the female cop who is put on the chase of Frank feels a little out of place but it was nice to see someone actually using brains unlike her highly incompetent colleagues. You can't expect a film like this to have a deep or  brilliant plot. A thriller of this caliber focuses on action and one that plays in on the emotions that will be recognizable. 

Simple but very effective. One to watch!

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