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Review Nuit Blance a.k.a. Sleepless Night (2011): How far would you go when your loved one has been captured?

genre: action, thriller

How far would you go when your loved one has been captured?

This basically sums the whole plot. Now I must admit that I was expecting a father raising hell to rescue his son. In stead they go for a more realistic approach. Well, most of the time. Here they show a father that is desperate but limited in his actions because of the setting and one who is thinking about the aftermath. He is trying hard to avoid bloodshed. At times he managed to stay cool when others would have gone ballistic. But then there were moments he lost his cool. This was one of the strong points and at the same time a weak one. The actions of the main character (Tomer Sisly) are a bit uneven to say the least. I found it strange that Tomer remained so calm at times when just seconds before he lost it. Somebody so pumped with adrenalin would feel energized and keep on going. There are some scenes probably there to show the desperation. But to me they were ineffective and slowed the pace down when it needed to kick into high gear. Still we do feel for Tomer Sisly who is in this due to his own actions. But also because of an eager female cop who directly made a bad situation worse. Here is a character who decided to show initiative and then for the most time isn't capable of a simple coherent thought. Not once does she believe what Tomer says to her. At the same time she accepts every word from her superior even when the guy is clearly an ass. It helps to enhance the drama and the plot but I dislike it when within hours a character shows flat or contradicting behaviour. Most characters are a bit one dimensional which is a shame. Since a little depth to them would have increased the tension. One of the villains (Marciano played by Serge Riaboukine) who is very nasty but seems practical and at times even reasonable. But because of the one dimension he remains a cartoon like villain. Even when it is clear that the actor could easily make the character more interesting. On the other hand the focus here does lie on the desperation of a father and adding depth to other characters could have distracted us from that. In the end it does not matter much since Nuit Blance for the most part is a very effective action thriller that will keep you entertained throughout.

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