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Review Le premier cercle a.k.a. The Inner Circle a.k.a. Ultimate Heist a.k.a The Dead List (2009)

genre:crime, drama

When Le premier cercle opens we get a history lesson about Armenian's and why they fled to France. Emphasizing that this ethnic factor plays an important role. However rarely is shown something about their ways or culture. And if it is shown it barely was prominent and different enough to make it stand out compared to say the rituals of the Italian Mafia or Yakuza. Why introduce this and not do something worth while with it. 

Let me be real frank here. This film is a waste of time. Main reason is the simple fact that apart from two somewhat eventful sequences there is nothing happening. Lack of plot, drama and character development makes the whole viewing experience a dull affair. Sole reason that the film is a little digestible is because of the always dependable Jean Reno as Milo Malakian, head of the crime family. Gaspard Ulliel plays his son Anton, the main character. As main characters go, he is pretty bland. There is absolutely nothing that makes him interesting. Only the plot gives him a reason to be useful  which is not enough no matter how you look at it. Anton does not want to be part of the criminal activities. He rather wants to start up a hotel with his girlfriend, the nurse Elodie (Vahina Giocante). Very commendable of course. But not once has Anton (at least in the film) confronted his father of his plans. Father Milo wants him to take over the family business and seems completely unaware of his plans. For the most part they seem to have a good relationship. So it never becomes quite clear why Anton doesn't inform his dad of his plans. It's a mystery to me why the director chose to avoid these confrontations because it surely would have spiced things up. For a ruthless crime family they sure knew how to behave. Brings me to the robbery scenes. There are only two of them and far too short to really be enjoyed. Yet these are the most interesting of what Le premier cercle has to offer. 

Overall, this is not a film I can recommend. Avoid!

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