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Review Bone Daddy (1998): Unfortunately not porn!

genre: thriller, horror

When you hear the title you might get the idea this is some porn film or something. And no, it has nothing to do with the BBQ restaurants in Texas. Either way it's very catchy. The premise of a serial killer removing bones and mailing them to cops and our main character Palmer (Rutger Hauer) is an interesting one and from the start shows promise. However it never makes good on that promise. In fact Bone Daddy fails to deliver on most of the elements that one would expect from this genre. My biggest complaint is the lack of suspense. Not much is done to enhance tension. The little that is present comes from the cast through their reactions to the events and the dynamics between them which is very minimal. It doesn't help that all of the characters are flat. Even Palmer has not much of a back story. And most of it is used as a red herring. Problem is that the red herrings in this film barely serve a purpose. With a limited cast the number of possible suspects is quite low and it is very easy to predict who it is. Come to think of it. Not much is done to make you care for the characters either. Next to raising tension pretty essential especially if everything else is lacking. The acting is not bad. But you can tell that for the most actors including Rutger Hauer this was about a pay check Secretly I was hoping for a giallo like twist that would allow me to ignore all these flaws and at least would have made it worth my time. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. This is one of those films that could have been so much better if only a little more effort was put in it. Skip this one! 

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