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Review The Expatriate (2012): Dad Eckhart is a saint for putting up with his annoying daughter!

genre: thriller, action

Take a little Bourne Identity and a sniff of Taken which results in an average to decent but predictable spy thriller. There is a lot of so called intrigue which starts very promising that falls flat far too early on. The action is adequate but not really spectacular. For me the only reason The Expatriate was worth watching at all is because of Aaron Eckhart. His character is almost a saint for putting up with his annoying daughter. Sure it is understandable that the daughter is overwhelmed by the events. But to go against her father at times that is most inconvenient is beyond stupid. So yes,she is a teen at the age where she defies her parents but come on there were moments that her father gets blamed for things he had no control of. I know the director might have thought a little drama would spice things up. If only the interactions between father and daughter would have been more real and recognizable. Not every daughter is rebellious. It also made me  dislike her to a point that I was glad (slight spoiler) that the bad guys caught her. And believe it or not, the film without her improved considerably (end slight spoiler). I doubt that the director was aiming for this effect. Despite all this Aaron Eckhart gives his best with what he is given. Olga Kurylenko (known for Quantum of Solace) also stars in this film and what should have been a meaty role is cut down to a meaningless one. Real shame that because it looked like she was quite ready to take it on. One to watch late at night when nothing else is on.

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