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Review Clownhouse (1989)

genre: horror,thriller

The less you know about this film the more you will be able to enjoy it. There is not much plot. Clownhouse works because it heavily relies on atmosphere just as director Victor Salva did in Jeepers Creepers. We know who the killer clowns are and we know what they are capable of. Extra tension is added because our main character is truly afraid of clowns. Of the two brothers he has one who is supportive and tries to take this fear seriously while the other (Sam Rockwell) makes fun of him initially. Sam's character is not always consistent as at rare moments he does show compassion to let it go the next minute. The three brothers are left on their own in their big house who at one point gets invaded by the killer clowns. These clowns take their time and wait for suitable moments to strike and attack the unsuspecting kids and this is where it starts to get interesting. You never quite know when they will make their move. But I have to admit the tension building is not consistent because the fights between the brothers are distracting and takes away the focus. Also it was a little hard to overlook the fact that the kids could flee outside any moment in stead of staying and hiding in the house. Same goes for the moment our main character calls the police and is not taken seriously. Of course not, he said killer clowns were in his house. Would you believe that? Right before he had his wits about him but suddenly he was super scared again. Ok,we have to assume that this boy was totally panicking and did not know what to say. Still it was one of those annoying moments where characters act illogically. All in all Clownhouse is pretty effective if you keep your expectations low. This one will be scary for people who dislike clowns. The rest of the viewers will appreciate the creepiness, but that is about it.

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