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Review The Pyjama Girl Case (1977): Give this one a shot when your expectations are low.

genre: murder mystery, tragedy, giallo

This film is unlike your typical giallo. If anything this is more a tragedy then a murder mystery. There are two story lines. One where retired detective Ray Milland is brought in to solve the Pyjama Girl Case and the other is about Glenda (played by the beautiful Dalila Di Lazzaro) and her tragic life. At one point these stories come together. And that will be the moment the viewer will think it's brilliant or will feel tricked. I myself thought it was quite clever. But I can't escape the feeling that it wasn't satisfying enough. Especially since the two story lines weren't that remarkable. And what there was of substance was filled with montage scenes that very rarely served a purpose. Backed up my funky music that did not belong in this movie at all. Ray Milland at first seems a little underused. But even then he manages to outshine the rest of the cast. He actually is one of the few that is on the right track but doesn't get the cooperation he needs until it's too late. The other story is quite depressing really. Glenda's life is truly tragic. But apart from her amorous adventures and one very unpleasant sex scene it's not quite clear why Glenda feels the way she does or what she wants in life. Now that could be said of a lot of people who are searching for something but can't find it. It did make me wonder about her expectations. I did not see any dialogue between here and others about those things. To me it came across she did not really make an effort either to change or at least address her unhappiness. In her defense though the men she is seeing are a little too much concerned with themselves. So she might not feel able to express herself fully. Matters like these interest me. But even I need more to keep me interested. And I barely managed that. I certainly can understand that some won't like this all because it's lacking some of the main ingredients that make giallo's so great. It's difficult to recommend this one. At the same time it is difficult to qualify this as an average or even bad title. Give this one a shot when your expectations are low.

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