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Review Red Dog (2011)

genre: comedy, drama

Red Dog is a wonderful feel good movie that will make you laugh and have you in tears at the end of it. Now maybe some scenes could be perceived a little too sentimental. But to be fair though the real story this movie is based on does lend itself to be. How could you not be touched by this iconic wandering and hitch hiking dog that seemed to unite a whole community so much that they made him an union member and gave him his own bank account. It is said that he wandered throughout Western Australia in search for his master who died in a motorbike accident. (There is so much more to the story so I will post links referring to pages that will do it more justice). Naturally some liberties have been taken in the film ranging from comedic to over the top. And all of it was utterly charming. Red Dog versus Red Cat scene is example of that. This is a movie that will appeal to the senses which is something you either love or hate. I personally loved this movie. Definitely one of the best dog movies ever made.

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