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Review Brain Damage (1988): Blue Penis Walking!

genre: horror, comedy

Brain Damage has a very original premise which is to be commended. Too bad though that the execution is lacking. The narrative and the direction have something to do with this. One example is a scene where the main character's room is slowly filling up with blue water. Very surreal and creepy and would have been more effective had it been cut short. Now the viewer has to endure minutes of this while it is obvious this is some sort of dream or fantasy induced by this special creature called Aylmer. Basically a being that looks like a blue penis (I kidd you not) with sharp teeth and eyes. He is well versed and doesn't seem to be all that bad at first. Being able to inject Brian with some stuff that brings instant euphoria. Now, who doesn't want that. But of course there is a price for it which is brains. Aylmer needs brains and uses Brian to get them. These scenes are hilarious and certainly the most entertaining. But there aren't nearly enough of those brain eating scenes. I found it hard to stay fully interested. Since the lack of a thrilling plot and the fact that the blue penis is cartoony does diminish the tension and thrills that is needed. Brain Damage would have been very effective as a short. But as full movie it lacks too much to make it worth your time. Well, ok, the blue penis (yes, I said it again) pre Watchmen was a nice touch. Not entirely sure why they had to make it look like that. Is it symbolic? Freudian?Aargh, who cares? 

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