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Thoughts on Scandal (2012)

genre: drama

Based on the first three episodes. Because after having seen them I could not put myself through the torture in watching the remaining ones.

"Gladiators in Suits"
"We are fixers that fix things"
"I am that good"
"Olivia Pope" 
"Olivia Pope"
"Olivia Pope"

These are a few quotes you will hear often so better get used to them.

Supposedly Olivia Pope is the best fixer in the world. Her staff are extremely loyal since apparently she fixed them also in one way or another and feel obliged to help her in her quest. What that is, wasn't exactly clear to me. From what I could see she helps people in a jam based on their sincerity and her gut. Which is proven to be false many times. In fact not once was I convinced that Olivia Pope is brilliant. That is why they keep mentioning she is since it is never shown. What about the other characters? They are present but that is about it. They are as interesting as watching wet paint dry on walls. Do I need bother to say that the predictable stories aren't helping this so called fun drama. But come on. Am I really supposed to believe that the President's wife can invite someone like Olivia Pope without him knowing about him? And that apparently she still feels like helping out her husband who is a philanderer and first class cheat. Sure I can believe that sometimes a marriage is more of an business arrangement where each partner is looking out for their own interest or each other's interest if it affects them both. Only here so many people are involved that it becomes quite ridiculous to take any of these so called intriguing story lines serious. Would someone please tell me how could I even try to take this seriously if our main character Olivia Pope looks surprised most of the time. For a woman being on top of things she sure looks clueless pretty much all the time. In the third episode Pope has no trouble helping out a friend in a rape case. Not once is she shown to have doubts or feeling bad about the whole case. All she cares about is winning. Good, I might not like the attitude but if you state something like this then stick to it. That would prove your strength. However after Pope gets mistreated a little she suddenly grows a conscience. Why? Did she care all this time but only now she is letting herself to show mercy and compassion? Hell no. She did it because she was hurt and needs to take it out on someone else. If she can't be happy then another person sure does not deserve to be happy either. Throwing her resolve of never losing completely out of the door. She is a bully. Not a strong person at all. How can people watch this trash and think it's the best television ever? Maybe if you would approach this as a parody or Saturday Night Live skit then it might be somewhat entertaining.

I fear that Scandal is proof that actual compelling drama will be a thing of the past soon since the average viewer prefers this load of crap over say for example Dirty Sexy Money. It had all those things Scandal promises but can't deliver. Guilty pleasures don't always have to be stupid. They can be clever and feature wonderful performances like Dirty Sexy Money did. Is the world really going to be like it is in Idiocracy (2006). I sincerely hope not! 

Is three episodes enough to judge a show? In this case I do think so. A good show even at it's worst would at least have one reason to make you keep watching. Scandal has none. I can already tell that it is going to up the ante by coming up with one ridiculous twist after another until your head will explode from all the cheesiness. I can appreciate cheese when it's fun. This is not fun, it's torture.

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